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 Uniquely Rika

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Buy the book, start today

“The way a man should treat his partner is analogous to the way a knight
serves his queen. He demands nothing, and acts not only according to
her will, but also independently, in her best interests. He represents her
outside of her presence, taking that responsibility with deep reverence.
His world revolves around her. His every action is in her service. She
cares deeply for her knight, relies on him to carry out and enforce her
will, and trusts him to act in accordance with her laws and desires.
This is what service-oriented D/s, is about.”

-Uniquely Rika


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2 thoughts on “The New Book!

  1. HIGHLY Recommend this book.
    It is one of, if not, the best book around FLR’s and service oriented D/s relationships.
    Actually I’ll reframe and say it is, The best book out there on the topic.

    Ms Rika is the embodiment of its contents and I look forward to her next book Uniquely Us.

  2. Both books are probably the best written material for having a real D/s relationship.

    Rika has a clear-cut style of writing that cuts thru a lot of crap and gets to the heart of making it work in dedicated, long-lasting ways.

    If you’re looking for adolescent whip and paddle fantasy, move along.

    But if you’re embracing the lifestyle, then read and re-read these books.

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